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Fee list

The fees below are including governmental processing charge, service processing charge and delivery of your police certificate by registered air-mail.

There are three types of service emergency, expedited or regular processing. Fees are based on your nationality and where you currently reside.


Fees and service charge effective for application received from November 14th, 2022 at 0.01 am.

If you reside in Thailand at the time of application fees below apply to you;

Emergency Processing (7-10 days) 

Thai National - 4,250฿ THB

Other nationality - 5,900฿ THB (residing in Thailand) 

Expedite Processing (10-14 days)

Thai National - 3,850฿ THB

Other nationality - 5,500฿ THB (residing in Thailand) 

Regular Processing (48 days)

Temporary suspended

If you reside outside of Thailand at the time of application fees below apply to you;

Emergency Processing (7-10 days) 

Thai National - 4,650฿ THB

Other nationality - 7,900฿ THB

Expedite Processing (10-14 days)

Thai National - 4,250฿ THB

Other nationality - 7,500฿ THB

Regular Processing (80 days)

Temporary suspended

The fees above include the fingerprint digitization fee, government processing fee, duty charge and services fee. However, if you are applying outside of Thailand and we need you to provide a fingerprint, you may need to pay a fingerprinting fee to the service provider outside of Thailand.

Shipping postage charge

Regular international air-mail: Free Shipping

EMS Thailand Domestic: Free Shipping / Next day delivery*

Express delivery flat rate (DHL) to Asia, Oceania: 1,200฿THB 

Delivery within 2-3 business days in most major cities

Express delivery flat rate (DHL) to Europe, North America*: 1,500฿THB Delivery within 2-3 business days in most major cities

Express delivery flat rate (DHL, FedEx or UPS) to Africa, Central Asia, Rural North America town, Rural New Zealand, Rural Australia, Middle East, South Africa* Rural part of Asia and South America: 1,900฿THB 

Delivery within 4-7 business days in most major cities

Authentication and legalization (apostille);


Thailand is not participating in the Apostille Convention (The Hague), therefore, all Thai-issued documents cannot be apostille. If you intend to use Thai documents in some countries, you may need to have your document authenticated and legalized by the embassy of that country in Thailand. 


Document to be used with the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia and New Zealand (list not exhaustive) does not need to be legalized unless it is being requested by the relevant authorities specifically.


If you are not sure about this requirement. Please contact our client contact centre for detailed information.

Method of payment

If you reside in Thailand

We accept major credit cards via our payment gateway processor partner. We also accept the following method of payment;

Bank transfer/ATM/Counter deposit (No payment fee)


If you reside elsewhere

We also accept most major credit cards or debit cards (VISA/Mastercard or American Express). Payment will be processed by one of our payment gateway processor partners.

If you residing in Canada. We also accept payment by Interac E-transfer and cheque

If you residing in United State. We also accept over-the-counter payments at most financial institutions and check.

If you residing in Australia. We no longer accepted BPAY as the method of payment from Australia effective May 21st, 2021. Clients from Australia can simply make a payment by credit/debit card or transferwise.

If you residing in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong. We also accept Alipay.

Payment Currency

You can pay in your local currency equivalency to Thai Baht or Canadian Dollars if you pay your fee by credit or debit card.


Cash, bank deposit, Promtpay(tm), Interac E-Transfer(tm) can be pay in Thai Baht or Canadian Dollars only.

Payment Instruction

We do not collect your payment until we are able to confirm that your Thai Police Certificate application has been accepted for processing.

Once we have confirmed that we can proceed with your application, you will receive an email invoice from us. You can simply make a payment online by following the payment instruction contained in the email. We use payment processors such as Kasikorn Thai Bank or Paypal (payment processors company we choose are depend on where are you located). You can rest assured that your payment information is secure with payment security compliance according to the financial institutions. None of our employees will be able to access your credit card or debit card details. We can only validate your payment.

Refund Policy

We do not charge you until we are ready to submit your application to the Royal Thai Police headquarters. If for whatever reason we are unable to process your application you will be issued a full refund including the government fee. A refund will be made to your original method of payment only.

We do not process the refund for the following;

1. You have a criminal record or record of a person of interest. A police certificate will not be issued. However, we will advise you for further instruction on how to proceed. In some cases, you may need to ask for a copy of the judgement from the court in Thailand. We can arrange it for you for additional service and governmental charge.

2. Abandoned application. In the event of we try or have reached you and you did not respond. We will put your file on hold for 30 days. If you did not respond to our request within 30 days. Royal Thai Police will consider your file abandoned and we will close your file without a refund. Shall you request to apply for a Thai Police Certificate again, You will be required to pay a new fee and submit a new application.

3. We cannot provide a refund once your application is being accepted for processing with Royal Thai Police headquarters.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. We handle all of your data and information according to Canadian privacy policy standards. In any circumstance, we do not share your information with third parties. We also do not release any information of our clients to any government authorities (except Royal Thai Police and Thai Immigration bureau) or any private company unless we have been served by a province of Ontario or Canada court order.


For the full text of our privacy policy click here. 

Processing times above are the processing time once the application has been accepted for processing at the Royal Thai Police processing centre in Bangkok, Thailand. Processing times shown do not include the mailing time to and from your country of residence. This website is intended to help individuals and legal entities with their administrative paperwork in order to apply for a Thai Police Clearance Certificate. This website is not affiliated with the Thai Government or Royal Thai Police. We are not affiliated with and we are unable to provide tracking to your application or customer service if you have applied elsewhere.

We are not affiliated with therefore we are unable to provide you with a tracking or any information related to the services they provide.

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